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We work with social service organizations to maximize their impact.  Depending on your organization and its place on the  impact life-cycle and the impact the organization’s leadership chooses to achieve we design plans to effect  positive change in the following arenas:

  • The dynamic of the board/staff partnership
  • Engaging the board for impact 
  • "Catalytics" - focusing on the necessity of moving the casual consumer to a connected member to a committed participant to a catalyst for impact.
  • Implementing a social investment plan based on
    • Friendraising
    • Relationships
    • Partners
  • Understanding and telling the story of your impact

 We can help create impact through:

  • Facilitate 1, 2 or 3 day retreats for board and/or staff with measurable outcomes.
  • Lead organization through strategic planning process to implement target goals.
  • Conduct board and financial development trainings that create effective tactics.
  • Administer "Impact Analysis" on annual sustaining campaign and interpret results to board and staff.
  • Execute statistical campaign analysis and recommend specific indices for improvement.
  • Determine planned giving strategies and actualize those strategies with tactics that produce gifts.
  • Audit financial development department and
    • recommend specific work distribution changes;
    • recommend appropriate personnel changes;
    • provide specific skills development and/or counseling to any employees identified as requiring it by the executive.
  • Provide on-site leadership as interim development director for up to three months.
  • Assist with executive search process for development staff.
  • Board Orientations.
  • Board Evaluation.
  • Board Engagement
  • Board Restructuring
  • Storytelling
We also provide economic development assistance to towns, villages and retail business.  When organizations, communities, or entrepreneurs subscribe to our economic development service they will gain access to the parts of our records that are germane to their search.  We work on a one-on-one basis with our clients to assure that they receive the full benefits of this program

The Hooson Group * PO Box 1058 * Covington, GA * USA * 30015-1058 email: bill@hoosongroup.com Phone: 404.401.6857

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