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What We Do

Our goal is to get you creating impact, not just planning. Our work is grounded in real development issues to produce tangible, bottom line outcomes. We use the context of your organization to develop the strategies and behaviors necessary for success in today's market driven climate.  We help you identify and implement the strategies and tactics to sustain your mission.  Through proven program analytics we work with you to implement substantiated tactics for success to maximize your impact in your community.
We coach your staff, board and volunteers to build their capacity to create positive outcomes in:
Board Development
  • Demonstrated success in analyzing and creating boards that are engaged to produce impact.
  • Identification of the board profile needs of your organization to assure impact.
  • Strategies to recruit the best members for your board.
 Financial Development
  • Proven strategies that generate 8-17% growth in annual sustaining campaigns from storefront operations to major facility operations.
  • Implementing strategies to nurture the relationships with your contributing partners to enable them to become stakeholders in your organization.
  • Facilitating the desires and needs of persons of wealth to understand and invest in the impact of your organization through major and planned gifts.
  • This is a term we developed to take membership organizations beyond the continuum of "casual to connected to committed" and to encourage members and partners to engage as ambassadors or "catalysts" through specific strategies.

The Hooson Group * PO Box 1058 * Covington, GA * USA * 30015-1058 email: bill@hoosongroup.com Phone: 404.401.6857

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